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Our family has been farmers and butchers for over 70 years, so you could say we know a few things about good meat here at Farm & Fork. We’re still based at the same farm near the Welsh village of Rhosllanerchrugog, that our family moved to all those years ago, and we have no intention of going anywhere else. The business in now in the hands of third generation butcher Rich Jones and brother-in-law Carl Andrew.

We’re really passionate about producing the tastiest British meat from happy and ethically reared animals.

How can we be sure about this? Well, the majority of the meat we sell comes from our own grass fed animals, reared on our own land. Simple. We farm Welsh Black and Limousin cattle, and Traditional Welsh Mountain and Suffolk sheep. Our farm is Farm Assured, which means that we’re inspected annually to make sure that we reach the highest possible welfare standards. When we’re short of supply from our own farm we put our trust in the local farmers that our family has dealt with for decades. Buying direct from our neighbouring farming friends means that we can be sure of the welfare of the animals and the quality of your meat. The main slaughter house we use is less than 2 miles from our farm, so the animals don’t have to travel great distances and stress is kept to a minimum.

Our animals are farmed responsibly and are left free to graze the pastures of the Welsh hills. We certainly don’t agree with intensively farmed, grain-fed animals that are used for the mass production of much of the meat available in supermarkets.


Here at Farm & Fork we believe that premium, grass-fed British meat should be as easy to buy online as anything else. With less and less traditional butchers on the high street, it can be a difficult task to source good, honest meat that can be traced all the way back to the farm where it was reared.

We aim to take the hassle out of finding good meat by rearing or sourcing it ourselves, preparing it ourselves and delivering it direct to your door on a day that suits you.

Our meat boxes are perfect for planning weekly meals, storing in the freezer or as a gift for any food lover.

Sign up as a regular customer and we will send your meat box every week, fortnight or month; so you’ll never be without quality meat.


Once you’ve chosen the cuts of meat you want and told us where you want it delivered, our experienced butchers will prepare and pack your order at our on-farm cutting plant.

Our trusted courier will then deliver your meat the next day in an ice packed recyclable box direct to your door. The combination of insulated boxes and ice sheets mean that your order will remain cool for up to 36 hours from the minute it leaves our farm. So there’s no need to worry about it staying fresh. If you’re out, our courier can leave it with your neighbour, in your garage or anywhere else you choose. Just let us know at the checkout. We can even deliver to your place of work. Our standard delivery charge is £4.99 and we offer free delivery on all orders above £100.

We hope you enjoy eating great tasting British meat just as much as we enjoy producing it.


Farm & Fork

GBF Shortlisted Awards


Free Delivery
Free Delivery

Free delivery on orders over £100 (standard delivery is £4.99)

Down on the farm
Down on the Farm

Natural, Grass Fed Meat


We’re proud to supply a number of local chefs


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