Free Range Bronze Turkey


Have a luxury Christmas with our Free Range Bronze Turkey.

Our Free Range Farm Assured Turkey is dressed and finished by hand. Birds are presented oven ready, with vacuum packed giblets and cooking instructions.

*Please don’t be alarmed by the black stubs from the feathers of your Free Range turkey. These will shrivel during roasting and are totally harmless. They are actually one of the best ways to recognise a real bronze turkey!

Our free range turkey is one of the most popular choices at Christmas.

We recommend you allow approximately 0.6kg per person.

Turkey Weight Options

4.8kg (Approx 8 people), 5.4kg (Approx 9 people), 6.0kg (Approx 10 people), 6.6kg (Approx 11 people), 7.2kg (Approx 12 people), 7.8kg (Approx 13 people)


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