Boneless Shoulder of Lamb

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As the names suggests, this cut comes from the shoulder of lamb. Our expert butcher will remove the shoulder blade and roll up into an easy-to-carve joint.

This boneless joint is wonderful for low, slow roasting. A great alternative to a beef roast.

Boneless Lamb Shoulder Options

1.5kg, 2.0kg

1 review for Boneless Shoulder of Lamb

  1. ste1961
    5 out of 5

    What can I say? All I did was peel and quarter two spuds, a little water, sizzle the lamb on all sides on a high heat on the frying pan, place in the slow cooker on the potatoes, mainly out of the water, cook on a low heat for 9 hours, never had lamb like it, you do not carve it, you pull it however you want, shred it, its just immense, the spuds are even tasty, though do not worry about those, just enjoy this quality lamb, add the spuds if you like. I just sieved the gravy from the slow cooker, and did whatever we all do, make a lamb gravy up using just any stock, I am not posh, but me and other half laughed today in Aldi at their lamb shoulders, I am sorry, but how can anyone possibly compare? And I took advantage of the tremendous whole welsh lamb offer, even better.. top quality fresh grass fed lamb at an unbelievable price, well done to all…. just put my next order in, the beef……wow.

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